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Museum Connect Project 'Weaving Strand of Knowledge Connecting Culture and Science to Climate Change

 The First International collaborative Climate Education Project title "Weaving Strand of Knowledge Connecting Culture and Science to Climate Change" a partnership between the Montshire Museum of Science in USA, the Folk Heritage Museum and Tarayana Foundation, in Thimphu, the University of New Hampshire, and the Royal Thimphu College in  Bhutan. This project was developed through funding from US department of States Burea of Educational and Cultural Affairs and is administered through American Alliance of Museums to collect personal stories of imapact of climate change  that are having on peoples life from the members of respective Rural comunities of New England (USA)  and Tsirang , Bhutan.  

This collaborative project began in October, 2016 . Montshire Museum of Science’s education director Greg DeFrancis travelled From USA to Thimphu, Bhutan in October 2016 to plan a joint project to strengthen educational initiatives in environmental sustainability and climate change. Joined by University of New Hampshire professor Sameer Honwad, the two planned an international exchange that will see Bhutanese and United States college students collecting personal stories about climate change to pioneer new methods to help people understand our impact on our environment. Such a collaborative approach is being taken as a part of global initiatives all around the world to make headway on climate change while bringing together humanitarian interventions.
Nov 23, 2017   

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