Folk Heritage Museum

Folk Heritage Museum also known as Phelchey Toenkhyim was established on July 28th, 2001 with the initiative of the Queen Mother of Bhutan, Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck. Read More

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There are two exit points which leads you either to the Folk Heritage Restaurant or the Folk Heritage Museum shop. While going through the first exit point which leads the visitor to the Folk Heritage Restaurant, one will see a handmade machine to extract Mustard oil.

Mustard oil is the main edible oil in Bhutan. Mustard seeds are first roasted before being pounded and steamed. The hot mustard seeds are then immediately put in the strong basket which is placed on a circular wooden grove and pressed by a wooden leveler. The oil that is squeezed from the basket flows into the wooden groove and is collected in an earthen pot. 

The second exit point leads one to the Folk Heritage Museum shop where various items for sale include books, post cards, masks, traditional Bhutanese clothing, woven baskets, carved wooden bowls and other craft items. Many of these items are replicas of artifacts found in the Museum and are only available for purchase from the Museum and finally the copies of the Folk Heritage Museum book.